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Understanding the Data

One per cent of the federal budget supports the U.S. government's foreign assistance investments to further America's foreign policy interests on issues ranging from expanding free markets, combating extremism, ensuring stable democracies, and addressing the root causes of poverty, while simultaneously fostering global good will.

Major Categories of Federal Spending

These diverse programs are implemented by many U.S. agencies, through a wide variety of partners. consolidates all of this information into one central, standardized repository in accordance with the Office of Management and Budget's (OMB) Bulletin 12-01 - Guidance on Collection of U.S. Foreign Assistance Data reporting requirements incorporate all international data fields from the International Aid Transparency Initiative, domestic data fields for the U.S. Overseas Loans and Grants report (Greenbook), and other data elements.

The following agencies are currently reporting data to These agencies have varying abilities to fulfill reporting requirements based on their unique systems and processes. All agencies are reporting data to the website incrementally and are working to build up their capability to report data on a quarterly basis to comply with OMB Bulletin 12-01. Each agency has selected the base year from which they will start reporting based on their current capability. The addition of other agencies and more detailed data will take place in phases.


  • Full Set of Data
  • Partial Data

Not all agencies are reporting 100% of their foreign assistance portfolio at this time. Review this background summary for more details on what content is or is not reported by each agency.

The website is not an accounting tool, but a way to improve the U.S. government's transparency goals. Thus, it may not always be possible to trace funding amounts through the stages of the U.S. financial processes (appropriation, obligation, spent) on a dollar for dollar basis within the data.

For more information about how funding is requested and appropriated and what it means to obligate and disburse funds, visit the About the Budget Process page. The Glossary of Terms is also available to provide definitions of terms used throughout the website.

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